Front Line Creatives is a boutique brand management and strategy consulting agency.

The company was founded in 2012 as an events company by a group of marketing students. Since then the company has gone through various changes and now focuses on helping SMMEs, Start-Ups and individuals to build and grow their professional or personal brands through creative marketing, branding and design strategies.

We develop tailored solutions for each client based on modern trends in marketing, branding and management.  Our bespoke services range from in-depth marketing and brand consulting, strategy formulation to entertainment and talent management amongst other skills.

Our Mission

Front Line Creatives strives to help our clients find their unique voice and in so doing, develop and grow their brand(s) into authentic modern day icons, but most of all, through customised, creative and effective marketing strategies we build brands that speak for themselves.

We assist new SMME’s and new entrepreneurs to establish and grow their target market by building a brand culture that not only communicates with potential clients but that inspires, engages and involves ordinary people in telling the extraordinary human story and creating unique consumer experiences. "We help you tell your story in a way that is true to you and in so doing help create moments that become treasured memories".  

Our Vision

We seek to assist new businesses thrive and grow by providing services that assist in customer insight and branding that speaks their language. Our vision is to becomes the go-to-guys for anyone starting out and help you connect the dots on a social level through consumer engagement and to find, create and  actively implement new ways to communicate brand ideals based on the fundamentals of good old fashioned marketing with a hint of innovation and modern problem solving. “Brands have a story to tell and we want to help you tell yours in a way that not only connects to the consumer but in a way that helps the brand stay true to its values.”

Talent, Event, Art Management

T.E.A.M FLC is our talent development and entertainment management team, providing a holistic approach to working within the entertainment industry. We view our artists, musicians and entertainers as partners that we work hand in hand with to achieve the long term goal of building a strong brand and advancing their careers. We strive to ensure that every one of our clients achieves their full potential and tailor our strategic planning based on the client’s vision and objectives.  We focus and build on the strengths of our clients and assist creatively in turning ideas into something tangible.  T.E.A.M work makes your dream work and we stand by our people all the way.